What Is Cbd?

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound present in cannabis. It is the second cannabinoid in abundance, behind THC. But, unlike THC, CBD oil does not have psychoactive or psychotropic effects, so it does not produce the ‘high’ effect. WHO does not consider it to be an addictive substance. Yes, a set of therapeutic properties is attributed to it, but some of them have not yet been scientifically proven, or if they have done so, it is in smaller studies. Guzmán explains that exclusively the CBD “has demonstrated anticonvulsive effects.” The United States has legalized a drug with CBD, Epidiolex, for people with epilepsy, which is in the approval phase in Europe. Guzmán also believes that his anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effect is acknowledged even though the studies are not with many participants. “Then there would be those other properties that are talked about but of which there is less evidence.”

Necessary Elements For Cbd Oil:

One ounce (28 grams) of the dried and crushed head or two or three ounces of dehydrated and crushed waste.

Four liters of solvent (pure ethyl alcohol, not a pharmacy, you should never use methyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol).

A medium size bowl (glass or ceramic).

A colander (a stainless steel colander covered with a thin cloth, a muslin bag or even clean nylon stockings).

A container to collect the filtered liquid.

Two pots to make a water bath (that one fits inside the other).

Kitchen utensils (sizeable wooden spoon, silicone spatula, a plastic syringe to dose the oil, funnel).


Organization: prepare the space, place all the necessary equipment by hand, look for a level work area and make sure it is clean and ready before starting. Place the crushed cannabis in the bowl, making sure there is room for the solvent. If necessary, find a more substantial bowl before continuing. Completely cover the plant material with alcohol, so that the alcohol exceeds it by at least two centimeters.


Using the wooden spoon, stir the cannabis material with the solvent for three minutes. This makes it easier for the resin glands to dissolve in the water. Make sure that the plant material is completely saturated and has had time to release its resin content.

Place the strainer in the container to collect the filtered liquid. Drain the dark green juice from the mixing bowl into the colander; Allow the fluid to seep entirely and fall into the container. Gently squeeze the plant material to drain as much solvent as possible.

Put the filtered liquid in the water bath. In the largest pot introduce enough water and in the small one, which is placed inside the large one, the solvent with the dissolved resin. If it does not go all at once, you can fill the small pot as the alcohol evaporates, until everything is processed.

Place the Maria bath on high heat until the liquid begins to bubble, a sign that the alcohol is evaporating. When it starts to bubble, the fire is extinguished, the residual heat present in the water bath will continue to heat the mixture and evaporate the alcohol.

Cbd Oil Reviews

Those who take Cannabidiol (CBD) – in oil, capsules or jellybeans – say that it works as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which calms anxiety and helps fight insomnia. It is an abundant component in cannabis that, however, does not ‘place’ because it lacks psychotropic effects. The sensation that it produces has been equated, for example, to the well-being after a yoga class. In permanently stressed societies, the CBD has become a consumer trend in the capitals of Europe and the United States, which has placed the molecule in the spotlight of industry, science and public administrations. Scientists believe that this substance has been elevated to the category of “magic pill” because it is very fashionable, but warn that not all the beneficial effects attributed to it are scientifically proven in humans and add that information on its components is lacking, posology and impact. Meanwhile, the industry (pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics) promotes dozens of products with CBD. And in the USA, where its consumption is minimal and is linked to medicinal cannabis users, the police have been withdrawing this product from the market for months.