3 Ways to Decorate a Plain Cake

ways to decorate a store bought cake

ways to decorate a store bought cake

ways to decorate a store bought cake

As you know, we are planning for Tyler’s 4th birthday party.  We have looked up ideas for both custom cakes and how to dress up a store bought cake.  We will show you what we did for Tyler’s cake after the party,  but in the meantime here are a few ideas if you don’t want to spend part of your birthday decoration money on buying a custom made cake:

1.  Make a bunting banner.  Use a Flag Punch to cut out the small banners for the top of the cake.  You can use card stock as I did or fabric (although you will need to hand cut these or use a cutting machine).  The top of the flags can then be folded over the string and glued into place.  Tie the string onto wood rock candy sticks or something that is about 6″ in height.

2. Use multiple small cupcake toppers.  Make multiple cupcake toppers in shapes such as stars or hearts in whatever colors you wish.  Use a Cricut machine or there are Star or heart punches at many local craft stores.  Use crafters glue to attach the cut out shapes to a toothpick and place several on the top of the cake.

3.  Use Ribbon and a large topper.  Get a plain cake from your local baker or grocery store.  I have asked an employee to frost a plain cake at my local Super Target and it comes out similar to the one above.  Simply wrap ribbon around the bottom of each layer and put some type of large topper on top.  The one shown is a 4″ circle design from our Rugby Train Birthday Party Collection with a larger circle in red glitter card stock behind it.

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