5 DIY Cake Ideas We Love

how to frost a cake like a professional

1. The Petal Cake

Many of the petal cakes are really cute but can be girly.  We loved this version in chocolate, it makes it more boyish, more for a boy’s party.  Which is why we chose it to be in Tyler’s upcoming party.  His party is THIS weekend! So excited!

Photo from: la receipt de la felicidad

Instructions: Bird on a Cake


5 DIY cake ideas

2. The Messy Cake

The messy cake has some leeway for mistakes.  It’s harder to tell if there are imperfections because well, it’s supposed to be “messy” not smooth icing.  Flowers or other adornments help dress up the cake.  This cake was featured in a beautiful baby shower from Frog Prince Paperie you should check out more of the baby shower too, it’s beautiful!

Photo from: Frog Prince Paperie

Instructions:  Oh Happy Day


5 DIY cake ideas

3. The Naked Cake

The easiest cake ever!   If you want to add a rustic feel to your party, the Naked Cake is perfect.  There’s no way to get the frosting wrong here – just put a thick layer in between the layers of cake.  Add a cute topper to match your party theme.

Photo + Instructions: Hunted Interior


5 DIY cake ideas


4. The Natural Stripe Cake

This cake is typically shown more in weddings, however I could see using it for many parties.  It’s such an easy way to decorate a cake and still looks great.  Besides bridal showers, 1st birthday parties, princess parties, tea parties and garden parties come to mind for other uses for this cake.

Photo from: Rosy Glasses

Instructions: Style Sweet CA

5 DIY cake ideas

5.  The Sprinkles Cake

Have you seen all of the cakes out there that are covered in rainbow sprinkles?   You can’t see any frosting so it’s also a really easy + fun way to decorate a cake.  The cake above takes it one step farther by adding edible gold to it.

Photo + Instructions:  The Cake Blog

I hope these will give you inspiration with your own cakes.  Be sure to check back to catch the petal cake in Tyler’s latest party!

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