5 Ways to Add a Special Touch to Party Items

Puppy birthday party ideas

Valentine's Day decorations

1. Adding Vinyl Decals

Use vinyl decals that match the party theme on Party Cups, Banners, Backdrops, or Party Favor Boxes.  We used our puppy decals in gold on french square bottles for the Puppy Party.  Our Valentine’s set up backdrop was simply gold circle vinyl decals attached to the wall.  Then we used red hearts on the coffee cup, banner, and favor boxes.

Easter dessert idea

train birthday party cake

2. Add Ribbon to Party Items

Adding a pretty ribbon can go a long way in adding a special touch to party decorations.  Use them to tie spoons for dessert shooters, on cake pop sticks, around the cake, or tie one on the cake stand.

Puppy birthday party ideas

3. Add Decorations to Cake Pop Sticks

Cake Pops are one of our all time favorite desserts at parties. Adding a little decoration to the lollipop sticks go a long way in presentation.  Make cardstock cutouts (like we did for the puppy party), add rhinestones, washi tape, or small ribbons for an added touch.

puppy birthday party ideas

glitter heart cake topper

4. Use a Cake Topper

Using a cake topper puts a final touch on the cake and personalizes it.  Add flowers, fondant shapes, die cuts that match the party theme, or numbers to celebrate the birthday boy or girl’s big day.

number cupcake toppers


5. Sprinkle SomeConfetti

One thing you can always use at any party is confetti.  Use them to make confetti poppers, or scatter them around the party table for decoration.

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