7 Things We Currently Love and Don’t Leave the House Without

7 Things We Never Leave Without

1. Kate Spade iPhone® 6 Plus case 2. kate spade Agenda 3. Lip Balm Stick 4. Body Lotion 5. Double Wall Traveler 6.Makeup case 7.Sunglasses

Above is our go to list for when we’re on the go. We’re addicted to coffee – and Starbucks lidded mugs! We love checking out the latest designs – especially at Christmas when they have the best selection.  We’re also addicted to Kate Spade – that is if you can’t tell by our list.  :)

Summer scents from this season at Bath and Body Works are great!  They have a nice sweet smell that isn’t too strong.  There’s gel types too for a lighter feel.  The lip balm has a mint smell that we love.  I’ve always loved the smell of peppermint – it’s known for it’s invigorating properties, always good for us women on the go.

What can you not leave the house without?

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