Beautiful Cakes for Less

Under the Sea Boys Birthday Party

4th of July party ideas

simple elegant cake

pink ombre petal cake

puppy birthday party ideas

When planning your party it’s important to have a pretty cake as it will be a focal point of the table.  Even if you don’t get an expensive designer cake, you can still get an elegant cake without being a cake designer yourself.  We were happy to find a local bakery that created the above cakes for our parties without breaking the bank – and you may be surprised to find out from where.

We purchased all of the cakes above from our local Super Target.  They are all 3 layers to give more of a visual appeal and none of them cost over $35!

Come up with a topper to further add to the party theme. We even decorated the naked cake they made with fruit for our 4th of July party for a red, white and blue color scheme.

Tip: take in a picture to the store of a cake similar to the style you want to see if they can make it.  So far they have made all the cakes we wanted and have done a great job!  They taste delicious too.

The last time I visited I saw Super Target is now offering not only different size of cakes for layering, but some filling choices as well.  I can’t wait to try them out.

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