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Hello and welcome to Jolee Studios! Today is our opening day and we would like to simply share with you a little bit about our studio. It all started with 2 sisters that are best friends… here’s a throw-back picture for you.

Trisha + Beth of Jolee Studios

Our names:  Beth and Trisha.  Our Mission:  Make parties lots of fun, moments more memorable, and connect with a lot of amazing people.

This website will be dedicated to giving both of us a creative outlet.  I believe we have strengths that will compliment one another and give the site a balance and variety.  We plan to share topics on parties, DIY ideas, home decor, occasional fashion trends, organizing tips, free printables, and more!

Our shop includes invitations, printable party decorations, and vinyl wall decals and is currently on Etsy.  It was previously known as Trish’s Design Studio, but when Beth joined we wanted a name to represent both of us. We came up with Jolee by combining our middle names – Jolene and Bree.


Jolee Studio

Want to officially “meet” us?  CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR ABOUT PAGE

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