DIY No Sew Princess Party Hat

DIY Cinderella no sew princess hat

DIY Cinderella no sew princess hat

I must admit: I don’t know how to sew!  I’ve been wanting to learn some of the basics to make an occasional craft here and there but we don’t own a sewing machine.  I have done some by hand stitching in the past, but that only goes so far.

So today for our DIY Princess Party Hats, we’ve found a way to make super cute ones WITHOUT sewing!

DIY Cinderella no sew princess hat

Materials Needed:

  • dollar store party hats
  • material for the hat – we choose a silky fabric to make it more princessy
  • tulle to hang down from the hat – we fell in love with this on from Joanns  that has sparkles!
  • trim for around the bottom of the hat
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • stapler

1.  Start off by wrapping the silky fabric around the hat to measure how much material you need.  Cut it in a cone shape, long enough so it tucks under the bottom of the hat.

DIY Cinderella no sew princess hat

2. Cut the tulle in the amount you want for the hat.  We cut 2 pieces, about  20″ long.  Tuck the top part into the top point of the hat (as shown above) and staple them to the hat.  The fabric will cover this part.

3.   Wrap the cut piece of fabric around the hat.  Now use a light amount of fabric glue to the fabric in the back to fasten the 2 pieces together.

4. Tuck the fabric under the bottom party hat and staple all around the hat on the bottom edge.  The trim is going to go around the bottom of the hat to cover it.  We stapled backwards, with the open end facing up.

5. Place the trim around the bottom of the hat and cut where the ends meet.  Staple it to the hat in the backwards way.  This won’t show with the silver sequins.  You have to look really hard in order to see them.  We also like stapling backwards so there’s nothing pointy under the hat for little fingers to grab.

DIY Cinderella no sew princess hat

If you want to sew, you can adapt this to do so and we’d love to hear about it! Let us know if you make these and if you did the sewing or no sewing version.  Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter @JoleeStudio so we can see!

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