DIY Scallop Party Backdrop

seahorse beach bridal shower

Today we wanted to share how we made the scallop backdrop for our Seahorse Bridal Shower we shared with you recently.  It’s very easy to make, but time consuming.  It is a great backdrop for beach themed parties, mermaid parties, and other nautical themes.

What You Need:

DIY party backdrop

You can choose whatever color you’d like for the backdrop.  We used an all white pearlized paper for our Seahorse Bridal Shower, but for the instructions, we’re using different colors so you can see them better.

1. First you use your circle paper punch to cut out a ton of circles.  You can use a 2″ punch or larger for the backdrop; we used a 2.5″ one.

DIY party backdrop

2. Next use your craft glue on the back and stick them to a large piece of paper like a poster board.  We glued ours to wrapping paper and it was approximately 27″ x 50″.  Overlap the circles side by side so you cannot see any white in between them. Place them side by side all the way to the end of the paper.

DIY party backdrop


3. Start the next row (shown in purple) by overlapping it with the first row (in blue).  Again you don’t want any white showing through.  You also want to stagger the circles so the second row is not lined up exactly with the first.  Keep going until the whole poster board is filled up.


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