Easter Egg Hunt/Easter Breakfast Ideas

Easter Egg hunt ideas

This weekend we had a lot of fun with a few friends at a small Easter egg hunt we hosted at our house.

Easter brunch egg hunt ideasTyler was so excited and made sure the table was set before the guests arrived.  They each had their own colored basket with coordinating “Easter milk.”  I simply added one small drop of food coloring to the blue and pink colored milk, and 2 small drops in the purple (blue + red).

Easter brunch ideas

For a special occasion like this, you’ve got to make a cute breakfast.  We made a bunny pancake simply by cutting the shapes out of 2 regular pancakes.  We gave him chocolate eyes + nose, and used red food coloring in a little bit of frosting for the mouth.

Easter egg hunt ideas

Along with their own color of basket, the kids searched and found Easter eggs that matched their basket.

Easter egg hunt ideas

Creating an Easter egg hunt where the kids find the same colored eggs makes it easy to put in a special gift in larger eggs, knowing that each of them will get one.  I put a lip gloss in the larger eggs for the girls, and a Hot Wheels car in Tyler’s.

We will be having our own personal egg hunt on Easter, but we loved having these beautiful girls over for another mini celebration.  Everything is even more fun with friends.

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