How to Make Tassel Garland

how to make tassel garland

When I started planning parties I would love the look of the party but not know how to make some of the pretty decorations featured.  Our plan is to show you some DIY projects to make your own parties great.  Today we’re starting with How to Make Tassel Garland.

Tassel Garland is great not only for parties, but photo shoots or as a bedroom decoration.  I hope this is helpful and let us know if you would like to see more DIY ideas.

Materials needed:

1. tissue paper in your choice of colors

2. scissors

3. string

how to make tassel garland

1. Fold 1 piece of tissue paper in half.

2. Fold the tissue paper in half again.

3.  Use scissors to cut the pieces of fringe.  Try to cut even pieces all the way across the paper.  Cut at least 3/4 of the way up, leaving just a little section at the top uncut.

how to make tassel garland4. Once it’s cut all the way across, unfold the tissue paper one time and cut in the middle crease.  You will now have 2 pieces of fringe.

5. Start at one end and roll the tissue paper in the middle as tightly as you can.  Roll all the way to the end of the paper.

6. Twist the middle section (the uncut part).  Make a small loop by twisting the middle in place and hang on string.

how to make tassel garland


There is a fringe cutter tool out now as tassel garland has become so popular, but I’ve never used one.  Scissors work just fine, but I do wonder if the tool saves time on cutting the fringe.  If you’ve used one, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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