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puppy party photo booth

puppy party photo booth wall


Today is part 2 of Tyler’s puppy party – all about the games and activities.  We hired a professional photographer to come and take pictures of the party details.   I was really happy we did.  Not only did he do a great job capturing the party details, but we got some good family pictures in and our guests got to take advantage of it too.

Photo Booth Wall

When guests arrived they had a chance to take advantage of our photo booth wall we created by simply putting up paw print vinyl decals on one wall in our living room.  The decals were great because not only were they simple to put up, but they can be taken down just as easily when you’re finished.

We had puppy ears made for our party as an optional photo prop, the first picture is of some good friends of ours.  I absolutely loved how their picture turned out!  Tyler was a little wound up from the excitement of the party so he wasn’t too into wearing the puppy ears  and he was showing off a little like our picture above.  We did get some good pictures in though so it was still a success for us too.

puppy party adoption center

puppy birthday party ideas

puppy party certificate of adoption

puppy party favors

puppy party

puppy party adoption center

Adoption Center

We had a table set up as our “Adoption Center.”  Our young guests came up one by one to adopt a puppy of their choice.  Each puppy had a Certificate of Adoption with a space to put the puppy’s name, their owner’s name, and a signature and date to make it official.

Once the guests picked out their puppy, the puppy was given a leash and a party favor bag to collect goodies from the other games.  We made “leashes” for the puppies out of matching gingham ribbon that we sewed one end around plastic washer rings.

puppy party games and activities


Ball Toss

We had one outdoor game planned.  The only thing was it happened to rain one day in the last 2 months.  Yes, on the day of the party.  It was okay, we still had plenty to do.  We had balloons blown up (without helium) that the kids played with. Tyler opened presents while the guests were there and they played with some of them.  The picture above is the next day when we asked Tyler if he wanted to play the last game.  He was still excited to play.

Even though we didn’t play on the day of the party, I thought I would still share what we had planned in case you would like to know another idea for a game.  We bought a few packages of balls from the dollar store to carry out the puppy theme.  We planned on hiding the balls around the yard and having each guest find one, pretty much like the idea of an Easter egg hunt.  Once they found a ball they could get in line for a ball toss game to win a prize.  We lined up 3 buckets, one in front of each other for the guests to try to get a basket in each one.  They could win multiple prizes for making multiple baskets.

give the dog a bone puppy party game


Give the Dog a Bone Game

For the last game, I made a custom poster to match the party decorations in a 16″ x 20″ size.   The idea is just like the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game except the guests have a cut out shape of a bone to pin on the poster instead of a tail.   I ordered ours from Walgreens and was happy to see they had a same day pick up option even for their posters.

There wasn’t a dull moment, we had fun with the games!  I hope our post gave you some ideas for your own party.

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