Tyler’s 1st Home Depot Class

kids class at home depot

Last weekend we decided to try out the free kids class at Home Depot.   I had seen a friend post pictures on Facebook after they had gone to a class so I wanted to try it out with Tyler and see how he liked it.  Home Depot has a free kids class every first Saturday of the month and each time they make a different project.

It was a nice day on Saturday, it’s warming up already!  The class was set up outside, right in front of the building.  There were a few employees by the entrance of the set up that helped you sign in for the class and give you your needed materials.  If it’s your first time you get an orange apron to keep and bring back for more classes.  They also give you a pin at each class so you can collect them to put on your apron and see how many classes you’ve gone to.

kids class at home depot

At the class we went to they didn’t teach you how to put it together.  They handed out an instruction sheet that showed you step by step how to make the project.  For our class, we made bookends so it was really easy to figure out.  It was a perfect thing to make for the first class for us to see how Tyler liked it.  He did a good job hammering and loved putting on the glue and stickers.

Free kids class at Home DepotOur second cousin, her husband and their daughter, Shaylee happened to be in town from West Palm Beach during the weekend.   So they joined us for a few activities that day, including the Home Depot class.

kids class at home depot

The day we went, Home Depot was also giving out a flower for the kids to take home, which was a really nice surprise.  Tyler and Shaylee both picked out a white snapdragon.  They got to learn how to take it out of the plastic planter and put it into a clay one.

I’d say our first class was a success.  We really enjoyed going and making the project.  I think Tyler will be into it even more in the future, as he got a little tired of hammering because it took him a while.

What’s cool is that Home Depot also offers classes for adults to improve their DIY skills, including a Do-It-Herself Workshop.  There’s a class coming up on the 19th on Installing a Tile Backsplash. I would love to go to it too! Growing up my dad knew how to do all of the home improvement stuff and I’d be his helper so I can get excited about DIY projects.


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